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              What is a Sandwich / Salad Prep Table?

              Sandwich and Salad Prep Table, also known as Sandwich Unit, are designed primarily for preparing sandwiches, salads, wraps, and other cold items. They feature a top section with ingredient pans, where you can store various toppings and condiments.

              Is a salad prep table different from a sandwich prep table?

              Sandwich Prep Table and Salad Prep Table Also called make table, salad prep table and sandwich prep table are almost always one and the same. They are often referred to as sandwich/salad prep tables because the tables serve both purposes well. Constructing a salad or a sandwich to order requires the same amount of preparation space, as well as a similar number of ingredients and storage conditions. Prep tables provide refrigerated holding space for whatever ingredients the operator needs to make their sandwiches or salads, and a cutting board prep surface is attached on which those ingredients can be assembled. Pizza prep tables, which are the other most common type of prep table, have a deeper cutting board to accommodate the width of a pizza. Sandwich and salad make tables have the same width requirements, so operators can use one prep table for both functions.

              What is the difference between a sandwich prep table and a pizza prep table?

              Sandwich prep tables come with shallower cutting boards designed for sub and sandwich bread, and most come set up for use with 1/6 size food pans in the top storage area. Pizza prep tables feature a deeper cutting board area with a raised pan rail and a top storage area designed for 1/3 size food pans.

              What is sandwich prep table used for?

              sandwich prep tables, offer storage and prep space for ingredients that need to be cut, sliced or otherwise prepped before use. Operators can use these units for menu items other than sandwiches, such as burger toppings, pizza, salad and stir-fry dishes.


              Why Choose Westlake Sandwich / Salad Prep Table Refrigerators?

              • Powerful compressor: Cubigel compressor, Carel controller, Fan cooling system, automatically defrost, need no extra tube for condensing water.
              • Efficient refrigeration:115V/60Hz, Refrigerator temperature: 33℉~41℉(0.5℃~5℃), digital temperature control is convenient for you to set the temperature easily
              • ultra-large refrigerator capacity: allowing you to place your shelves exactly where you need them to accommodate your small or large food products. Shelves are coated with corrosion-resistant plastic.
              • ETL: ETL certifications include ETL SAFET, ETL SANITATION, certification for restaurant open authorization.
              • Best after-sales service: Stainless Steel interior and exterior, exterior stainless steel designed with anti-fingerprint function, 6-year warranty on compressor, 2-year warranty on all parts, and labor and manual door-to-door service.*Since the products are transported by truck, we provide curbside delivery only for both commercial and residential addresses.
              • Installation type : Tabletop
              • Voltage : 115.0 volts
              • Defrost system type : Automatic.


              Fast Shipping and Delivery:

              To ensure fast delivery, Westlake has 4 warehouses in the United States,  the 4 warehouses located in:
              (1) 85 Metro Way, Secaucus, NJ, 07094
              (2) 475 Eagles Landing Pkwy, Stockbridge, GA, 30281
              (3) 10320 6th St, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 91730
              (4) 8630 Fallbrook Dr #200, Houston, TX, 77064.

              Sandwich and Salad Prep Table (8)

              27 inch Salad Sandwich Prep Table Refrigerator, Stainless Steel Single Door Food Prep Cooler


              48 inch Salad Sandwich Prep Table Refrigerator, Stainless Steel Food Prep Cooler


              Stainless Steel Double Door Food Prep Table Refrigerator 60 Inches


              Commercial 72" W 3 Door Refrigerator Sandwich & Salad Prep Table Refrigerator


              Stainless Steel 27 in. Mega Top Food Prep Table Refrigerator


              Stainless Steel 48 in. Mega Top Food Prep Table Refrigerator


              WESTLAKE 60" W 2 Door Refrigerator Sandwich & Salad Prep Table Commercial Mega Top Refrigerator


              WESTLAKE 72" W 3 Door Refrigerator Sandwich & Salad Prep Table Commercial Mega Top Refrigerator

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