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              What is Commercial Undercounter freezer?

              An undercounter freezer is also called lowboy freezer or worktop freezer. An undercounter freezer is a compact refrigeration unit designed to fit underneath a standard kitchen countertop. It's typically used in kitchens where space is limited or where additional refrigeration is needed for specific purposes, such as in a bar area or a small apartment. These freezers are available in various sizes and configurations, including drawers or swing doors, and they often come with features like adjustable shelves, temperature controls, and energy-efficient designs. They can be a convenient and space-saving solution for storing perishable items while keeping them easily accessible.

              What is the difference between commercial and standard freezers?

              Commercial freezer provides more space for holding larger quantities of food, which explains why they're bigger in size compared to residential models. They also contain at least one or two shelves maximum, with the intention to make stacking food easier. 

              Do commercial Undercounter freezers last longer?

              Commercial Undercounter freezers usually last for about 10-15 years. It is possible to get 20 years out of this appliance if it is cared for properly. Keeping the commercial freezer clean and well maintained will improve the longevity.

              Do commercial fridges use more power?

              According to, commercial freezers can use up to 17,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, while commercial freezers can use up to 38,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity. To put those values into perspective, a typical U.S. house uses on average 10,399 kilowatt-hours per year.

              Why Choose Westlake Commercial Undercounter freezer?

              1. Commercial freezer with Embraco compressor, Carel controller, Fan cooling system, automatically defrost, need no extra tube for condensing water.

              2. Cooler Temperature: -8℉~0℉.

              3. Stainless Steel interior and exterior, exterior stainless steel designed with anti-fingerprint function, 6-year warranty on compressor, 2-year warranty on all parts, and labor.

              4. ETL certifications include ETL SAFETY, ETL SANITATION, and Energy DOE certification for restaurants’ open authorization.

              Commercial Undercounter Freezers (4)

              Commercial Undercounter Freezer, WESTLAKE 28" Single Door Stainless Steel Lowboy Worktop Freezer 6.3 Cu.ft


              Commercial Undercounter Freezer, WESTLAKE 48" Double Door Stainless Steel Lowboy Worktop Freezer 12 Cu.ft


              Commercial Undercounter Freezer, WESTLAKE 60" Double Door Stainless Steel Lowboy Worktop Freezer 14.8 Cu.ft


              Commercial Undercounter Freezer, WESTLAKE 72" Three Door Stainless Steel Lowboy Worktop Freezer 17.7 Cu.ft

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